Breeding Farm

Layers in 16,500 capacity cages:

Breeding farm department comprising of broiler and layer parents stock kept to produce hatching eggs to feed the hatchery. Presently it sits on a 150,000 sq. feet and has 21,000 broiler parents and 30,000 layer parents, with an expected restock of 20,000 parent broiler stock by February.The Breeding farm produces over 220,000 broiler hatching eggs per week with a very impressive egg fertility rate of 90% while the layer parents stock also produces 168,000 hatching layer eggs which also have a very high egg fertility rate. The high fertility rate at the breeding farm is as a result of Artificial Insemination. A Topman farm is the only poultry farm in Ghana that uses A.I. To operate, the breeding farm employed 45 people.